You sit there…waiting for a presentation to start. You see the speaker clicking away on their laptop when suddenly the image of a title slide appears on the screen behind them. It hits you, another slide deck to sit through. Does this thought bring with it a sense of dread?…Why?

Title slide being too real

From the boardroom to the classroom PowerPoint is used extensively in giving presentations designed to share information.

We live in a world dominated by digital communications. Considering the various forms of messages, from email to slack channels, our days are filled with virtually translated conversations that fight for our attention. More importantly, they fight for our mental bandwidth which is necessary for comprehension. Given this high demand for one of our most valuable resources, it is amazing to see how often there is little to no effort put into the design of the communication. While in person conversations are filled with body language, tone, and subtext, that provide dynamic flows and indicators for important information, digital communications…

Britain Willcock

Britain Willcock is an information designer, communications strategist, and all-around connection builder.

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